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What is CRABYON?
Composite Fiber of Chitin 'Chitosati and
Cellulose: Only one in the world
Chitin/Chitosan, natural substance, nowadays attracts a lot of attention in the field of medicine and food for improving human health.
We, OMIKENSHI, have established a commercial process to produce Chitin/Chitosan solution without using organic solvent and commercialized production of fiber under the brand name of CRABYON by co-extruding with cellulose viscose.
Why Chitin/Chitosan?

One point is its high function. It is known that Chitin/Chitosan is biologically produced on the earth in large quantities and that Chitin/Chitosan has many excellent properties. Major and basic function is activation of LYSOZYME and CHITINASE, enzymes which decompose cell membrane and inhibit growth of disease bacteria. Through this function natural bio system is kept well balanced and human body is protected against disease bacteria and toxic substance.
The other point is its safety. So long as Chitin is 100% natural, it is quite a safe substance and safety is well verified through oral intake and dermal absorption tests. This is quite and dermal absorption tests. This is quite different from the other organic and inorganic functional materials now in the market.
These two points are key elements bar Chitin/Chitosan. In the worsening environment of the earth, it is quite essential to rely on the natural substance such as CRABYON for improving human health.